Immediately after the procedure the baby should be put to breast.  This is why it is recommended to avoid feeding your baby for about 90 minutes prior to the appointment. A hungry baby is more likely to feed as soon as the procedure is complete. 

Before leaving your home I will ensure the bleeding has completely stopped.  Since lasers cauterize blood vessels, bleeding is not an issue.

To alleviate any discomfort, you can use Tylenol™ or your preferred homeopathic remedy, arnica or Rescue Remedy.  Often times the babies do not need any pain medication. 

There are a series of simple intra-oral exercises I will share with you to be performed daily during the healing period.  These exercises are very important in ensuring proper healing. 

It is important to breastfeed as often as possible to help your baby extend his/her tongue to allow proper healing. A follow-up appointment with your lactation consultant one week after the procedure is recommended to assess the progress in the baby's feeding.