Research shows that frenotomy, the procedure used to correct a tongue-tie, is a safe and effective treatment.  Often breastfeeding improves immediately.

Not all tongue-ties need to be treated, only those that are causing breastfeeding problems.

There are different methods of correcting a tongue-tie. Snipping with scissors, electrocautery or using a laser.  These techniques are not equivalent.

Dr  Ravari uses a state of the art laser to perform tongue and lip-tie revisions. Besides being more precise than conventional methods the advantage of laser surgery is no general anesthesia is required.  Lasers are also bactericidal preventing virtually any chance of infection or risk of post-operative bleeding. With laser surgery there is also reduced post-surgical swelling, discomfort and pain. The procedure takes less than 2-3 minutes and can be completed in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Ravari will travel to your home with her assistant and equipment to provide a consultation.  If she finds a tongue-tie impeding breastfeeding she can correct it immediately.

There are no known contraindications for frenulum laser surgery in a normal healthy infant. 

We recommend that infants do not nurse for at least an hour and a half prior to surgery. As soon as Dr. Ravari completes the procedure she will ask the mother to nurse and a hungry infant is more likely to feed more quickly. 

If you suspect your baby is suffering from a tongue or lip-tie please contact Dr. Ravari to discuss the symptoms you and your baby are experiencing.   

Dr. Lawrence Kotlow