Hello I am Dr. Sahar Ravari a Los Angeles native. I earned my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience from UCLA with college honors.  I then moved to Philadelphia to complete my dental training at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, part of the Ivy League.  Since returning to LA, I have practiced dentistry with a focus in pediatrics.  

I developed a clinical interest in helping tongue-tied babies through personal experience.  When my daughter was born,  I was determined to exclusively breastfeed, however she was not gaining weight and then breastfeeding became unbearably painful, finally my milk supply dropped. Fortunately at three weeks of age my daughter's tongue and lip ties were corrected and she immediately started nursing better.   She quickly gained weight and nursing actually became enjoyable for the first time.  Had I not had her tongue and lip-ties corrected we would have had a long struggle ahead of us and exclusive breastfeeding would not have been a possibility.  

The pediatrician referred us to an ENT who would do the procedure with scissors but I was aware from my years of performing surgical procedures in the mouth, lasers are a far superior method.  In order to ensure the quality of care I wanted, I had to travel over three hours round trip outside of Los Angeles with a newborn to have the ties surgically corrected with a laser.  Since reaping the immense benefits of this minor procedure I vowed to help other mothers in Los Angeles so they can successfully breastfeed without having to travel long distances with their newborns.